MI - So - Ji - (笑)



雰囲気:ハイテンション・ディスコ、シャンパン、エアロビクス、論争を呼ぶスローダンス、机上ダンス、Trippple Nipppleの振る舞いと情熱!


Trippple Nippples (live!!!)

Madamoiselle Yulia

kaskay (FancyHim)

Anita San (FancyHim)


Flash and Roxi (MEAT)

Peri (trainers)

SEX (emiko & takeshi)

pixtrux (victoria)

One of the first parties of the new year with a lineup to swoon over!

not only can we celebrate 2009 and everything we love about Tokyo but also...

Roxi of ilil and Meat, ex- Candy, will become 30 hence MI-SO-JI !!

expect: high tension disco, champagne, aerobics, controversial slow dancing, table top show dancing, Trippple Nippple antics and passion!

wear: capes and gold, skinny and shiny, lights and leather, studs and spikes,digital prints, bousouji embroidery and kimonos ... or anything that delights!

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