VICTORIA disco in 3D !!! 1/ 30 渋谷

VICTORIA disco in 3D !!! 1/ 30 @渋谷Trump Room (¥1,500!!!)

ベニスの著名なアーティストの名人技で製造され、Saxe-Coburg Gotha のアルバート王子より、最愛のヴィクトリア女王に結婚祝いとして贈られた歴史上初の3Dメガネの169回目の記念祭を祝し開催される。


The Army:

Kaskay (Fancy Him)
Flash & Roxi (Banzai, ilil)
Julien & Niklas
Manuela & Gui (Young Lovers)
JuliKen (Mugenkai Communication)
Yatt (Linda)
Dan & Joe (TokyoDandy)
Pixtrux & James (Victoria, Niche)

and more...

In commemoration of the 169th anniversary of the first creation of 3D glasses which were masterly crafted by some of the most famous Venetian artists of their time and given as wedding present by Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg Gotha to his beloved Queen Victoria. It is said that the original spectacles awoke in The Queen the "wild Victoria" that she herself didn't even know... the results were the start of a long blood line reaching us !!! ... yes, we have recently discovered and have scientifically proven that no matter how different we may look, this fearless army of DJs we are all blood decendants of Queen Victoria during her wild 3D nights!


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